Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

After opening the firm in 1996, Duffy & Duffy has become the region’s most preeminent plaintiff’s personal injury law firms. Always focusing on the best interest of our clients we have successfully achieved over 70 multi-million dollar settlements.

We are proud to share some of our highlighted success stories including the largest personal injury verdict awarded in the country (2007); and New Jersey’s third largest verdict in history (2008).

$109,000,000.00 Duffy & Duffy secured a $109 million verdict on behalf of a brain-injured plaintiff and his wife – the highest malpractice verdict in the United States that year.

Duffy & Duffy proved that the doctors’ failure to treat the plaintiff in a timely fashion following a seizure caused by a brain abscess that resulted in massive, indescribable memory loss.

Additionally, Duffy & Duffy properly demonstrated the plaintiff’s injury could have been avoided if the doctors were quicker to act.

$60,000,000.00 verdict for a 26 year old girl who suffered a lacerated vagus nerve during Nissen Fundoplication surgery. As a result of the laceration, her stomach has stopped functioning, leading to nutritional issues, lung damage and multiple surgeries. This matter proceeded to a jury verdict in King’s County.

$25,000,000 Duffy & Duffy secured a $25 million verdict on behalf of a male plaintiff that consistently complained about head and neck pain, and an inability to move his limbs, but the doctors believed it was imaginary.

Duffy & Duffy proved that the hospital physicians were negligent in the case, and that it was a classic example of physicians basing their decisions and subsequent actions on the costs and pressures asserted by the health care providers.

As a result, the physicians failed to provide reasonable medical care, leaving the plaintiff paralyzed and unable to eat or speak for the rest of his life.

$19,200,000 Duffy & Duffy secured a $19.2 million verdict in the Bronx Supreme Court in the 12th Judicial District on behalf of a 53 year-old male paraplegic plaintiff. Duffy & Duffy proved a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a spinal abscess resulted in paraplegia.

The plaintiff had been confined to a residential facility and was it not for the verdict, would have remained there for his life. In the trial, Duffy & Duffy uncovered early progress notes stating that the plaintiff may have had spinal injuries but the defendants did not conduct the required tests or notify appropriate experts such as a neurosurgeon.

Duffy & Duffy secured a $975,000 settlement following a motor vehicle accident. The patient suffered three hours of pain in the hospital, and eventually died, following a collision with a drunken diver. The bar allowed the drunken diver to continue to drink, despite being visibly intoxicated, and drive home, resulting in the crash.

$9,550,000.00 for an infant who suffered severe injuries at birth. Our case centered on the failure of the defendants to timely and properly deliver the child by cesarean section. This matter, venued in Queens County, was settled prior to trial.

A jury in Suffolk County awarded a 42-year-old man $917,000 after he fell off the back of a defective lift-gate. The fall required 3 arthroscopic surgeries including a left shoulder replacement.  The defendant, who leased the truck to the plaintiff, was found 100% negligent in the case. Duffy & Duffy successfully proved the defendant liable despite multiple claims that the plaintiff’s claims were not valid.

$3,250,000.00 for the wrongful death of a 35 year old married, father of two children who suffered a myocardial infarction while at work. Our claim, which centered on a single office visit and an emergency room visit several hours later, was that the defendant failed to recognize the signs of an impending heart attack on this young man of Indian descent. This New York County matter was settled prior to trial.

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