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Being involved in any kind of accident is always scary. It may be hard to know where to turn or what your rights are. At Duffy & Duffy we never want you to feel you are alone, we are here to help fight for you if you or a family member have been a victim of any auto related or personal injury accident.

At Duffy & Duffy we will stand beside you fighting for your right to the compensation that you deserve.

The most severely injured in trucking accidents often happen to be others involved in the crash, not the truck drivers.
You may not have known but according to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety nearly 4,000 people die in the U.S. due to truck related accidents.

Of the 4,000 deaths:

  • 69% were other vehicle occupants.
  • 15% were pedestrians, motorcyclists or bicyclists.

What is the reason for this? Tractor-trailers are extremely heavy weighing in at more than 20 times the weight of a standard passenger vehicle. Their ground clearance is very high allowing for vehicles to easily get trapped underneath the the trailer.

A majority of trucking accidents should be averted as Duffy & Duffy has found it is usually caused by careless truck driver decisions and the trucking companies themselves.

The litigators at Duffy & Duffy hold vast experience in the complex issues that occur when dealing with complex commercial truck accident cases.

Our firm brings over 35 years of auto related accidents and wrongful death law experience to the clients and families we serve advocating for the best possible outcomes.

Trucking Accident Injuries:

Due to the notable difference in size and weight between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles can often translate into serious injuries and or wrongful death when involved in a collision.

Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Broken ones
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Seat belt injuries

Being involved in a car accident is always very scary. Accidents happen so fast that many times there is no time for the drivers to even react. After the crash is when you begin to examine and determine the extent of yours and others involved injuries. If you are lucky, you will walk away with minor bruises and scrapes. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as there are times you are left with a lifetime of pain and suffering having to endure therapy and other medical treatments.

All too often it is found that “accidents” really aren’t just accidents but rather crashes that take place due to driver’s reckless behavior. With technology being in the hands of nearly everyone on the planet, many find themselves looking at their phones rather than focusing on the road. This leads to thousands of crashes occurring yearly between vehicles, motorcycles, buses, trucks and all too often pedestrians. Couple this with drunk driving, speeding and exhausted drivers means more auto accidents are occurring more often today than ever before.


On the surface, accidents may seem to include only the negligent actions of the drivers involved. In certain instances third-party defendants may also be held liable. Third-party defendants may include:

  • A driver’s employer. If an employee drives on part of routine business, the employer may be held liable for part of the responsibility of any resulting accidents.
  • A vehicle parts manufacturer. Ever see on the news a recall for a auto part? Defective parts can result in accidents. Also, improper installation or even simply poor vehicle design can be to blame for loss of control and crashing. In these instances your attorney may recommend filing a product liability case against the parts or vehicle manufacturer.
  • Construction companies. Road construction crews can be held at fault when they do not properly address roadside hazards.

Duffy & Duffy have highly experienced auto accident lawyers whom have dealt with crashes involving vehicles of all types along with situations resulting in all kinds of injuries. Don’t sit back and become a quite victim, rather work with Duffy & Duffy to make sure you get the justice you need.

Boating accidents may not be something you would think actually happen too often, but hundreds are killed with thousands more being injured in boating related accidents every year. These accidents can be from anything related to watercraft including:

  • Cruise ships
  • Privately-owned boats
  • Jet skis
  • Ferry boats

In 2016 recreational boating accidents took the lives of 22 people in New York and Long Island, according to a report by the U.S. Coast Guard and state data. This number does not include those killed or injured on ferry rides or any other non recreational watercraft.

Boating fatalities can be summed up by 2 distinct factors.

  • Drowning 69%
  • Trauma caused by a collision 29%.

Even with extensive boater education courses on safety, 89% of those involved in a boating accident had no safety operation education. Like auto accidents alcohol and distraction are a large contribution to the number of boating accidents every year.
With that said, if you or a loved one has been injured due to a boat related accident you should consult a well-versed law firm capable of handling your case with the focus and attention to detail that’s needed.

New York has nearly 350,000 motorcycles on its roads, this makes the Empire State the 6th largest for motorcycle registrations in the country. Luckily the majority of bike riders have a passion for riding and taking great care to be a safe rider. That means statistically 2 out of 3 motorcycle accidents are the result of other drivers typically not yielding the right of way. Even with the proper safety equipment the results of an accident can be very severe.

Motorcycle collision victims can suffer major injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries (TBI)
  • Broken Bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Lacerations

Some of these injuries unfortunately end up in death and those such as broken bones and lacerations may be considered moderate injuries; however even moderate injuries can still be very costly as victims may not recover for months or longer. In some cases, the victim may never fully recover. If you or someone close has been a victim injured by a motorcycle crash compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering may be recovered.

Injuries due to motorcycle accidents can often be severe and very costly. When the dust settles it is important to know who is at fault and liable for the accident. Often times the individuals at-fault may have insufficient insurance coverage. When this happens you want to make sure you carefully review your insurance policy. Duffy & Duffy’s experienced litigators will analyze your case helping to prove fault and liability, as well as seek the compensation you deserve for the damages sustained in the accident.

When there is a aviation accident it is unlike a automobile crash as the injuries can be much more catastrophic physically and emotionally if you are lucky enough to survive. Aside from major airline accidents there many other kinds of aviation related crashes including:

  • Private planes
  • Charters or corporate aircraft
  • Military contractor crashes
  • Small plain
  • Helicopter

When involved in an accident it is important to know that many factors could have contributed and be held liable for the accident such as manufactures, maintenance contractors and component suppliers. Having the right law firm by your side with this knowledge can be vital to your case.

Whether you are involved in a major airline accident or were a victim of a small helicopter tour that crashed while vacationing, the experienced attorneys of Duffy & Duffy will be there to help with everything you need from the initial consultation through trial.

Every year there are roughly 3,000 train accidents resulting in about 1,000 deaths. This number may seem staggering but unfortunately that is the reality. Due to the shear size and weight of locomotives catastrophic injury or death can occur even with a “minor” accident. With there being multiple parties usually involved, train accident lawsuits can be quite complicated. Adding to the complication is the fact that train accidents are part of different laws and standards than most vehicle accidents.

Train accident victims include:

  • Passengers
  • Bystanders and pedestrians
  • Passengers and drivers of personal vehicles
  • Drivers of commercial vehicles
  • Railroad workers

Causes for accidents:

  • Derailment
  • Train and vehicle collisions
  • Train and train collisions
  • Railroad crossing accidents
  • Non collision related accidents

Many factors can cause a train accident. Issues as simple as a faulty signal or gate can cause vehicles to be stuck right in the path of a train. Also having damaged or non-maintained track can cause the large catastrophic derailments that result in mass injuries and casualties. The experienced attorneys at Duffy & Duffy know what to look for in a train accident; whether it was too heavy of freight or simply something on the tracks we will fight to ensure all those liable are held accountable.

If you have been injured because of the negligence of another, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney that specializes in these kind of cases. Aside from the typical accident case, personal injury can encompass much more including:

  • Recklessness, Negligence & Carelessness of Others
    Personal injury can consist of a physical injury, like a fractured bone, or psychological, such as depression. These injuries may be due to a doctor’s negligence, any auto accident, nursing home negligence or trip and fall, just to name a few.
  • Automobile & Other Vehicular Accidents
    Accidents involving two or more vehicles colliding, pedestrian or bicyclist being struck by a vehicle, a hit and run accident, accident involving one car where the driver of the car loses control injuring the passenger, drunk driving accidents, and many others are what make up a automobile accident. Other vehicle accidents could include motorcycle, boating, train, trucking and aviation accidents.
  • Slip and Fall
    Due to snow and ice many can slip and fall causing a minor or major injury. Often municipalities are part of trip and fall cases due to a broken sidewalk. Slippery subway stairs can cause a serious slip and fall, injuries sustained from a bus, traveling at a high rate of speed and suddenly swerving can be quite severe; these are a few of the type of cases the experienced attorneys at Duffy & Duffy have handled.
  • Injuries in Buildings
    Building owner’s negligence often result in injuries sustained by victims. Falls due to inadequate lighting on the stairwells along with lack of appropriate handrails, debris left on the floor, collapsing ceiling tiles and hard to see obstructions causing a victim to trip and fall are a few types of injuries that could be sustained in buildings.
  • Construction Accidents
    When a worker is injured by a falling object or a broken ladder, hazardous roadway conditions leading to the worker being inured are types of construction accidents. The attorneys at Duffy & Duffy have extensive experience helping victims of these king of accidents receive the compensation they deserve.

When Should You Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

A traumatic brain injury aka TBI is when the brain is damaged by a sudden physical impact. This can occur when the head if hit forcefully into an object such as a steering wheel or dashboard in a car or when an object passes through the skull and pierces the brain. This would be from a gunshot wound, knife or any debris from an accident.

Because our brain literally defines who we are as a person, the consequences of an injury can impact all aspects of daily living. This means even ones personality can be affected by the injury. Unlike a broken bone or laceration that limit the ability to use that specific body part until healed; a TBI can impact the victim and family for a lifetime. This is because in many cases the victim never fully recovers and will be required to have physical therapy for the rest of their life. This along with the mental disabilities associated with traumatic brain injuries make them one of the worst injuries one can endure.

There are many accidents that can cause a traumatic brain injury including:

  • Auto related accidents
  • Recreational vehicle accidents (ATV, Snowmobile, Jet Ski)
  • Construction materials
  • Gunshot wound
  • Knife or other sharp object
  • Forceful hit in a fight

Unfortunately, a TBI can be cause very quickly and live a lifetime of pain and suffering. If you or a loved one have been a victim of an accident resulting in damage to the brain, please contact the highly skilled attorneys at Duffy & Duffy that are ready to help get you the justice that is owed.

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