Train Accidents

Every year there are roughly 3,000 train accidents resulting in about 1,000 deaths. This number may seem staggering but unfortunately that is the reality. Due to the shear size and weight of locomotives catastrophic injury or death can occur even with a “minor” accident. With there being multiple parties usually involved, train accident lawsuits can be quite complicated. Adding to the complication is the fact that train accidents are part of different laws and standards than most vehicle accidents.

Train accident victims include:

Causes for accidents:

Many factors can cause a train accident. Issues as simple as a faulty signal or gate can cause vehicles to be stuck right in the path of a train. Also having damaged or non-maintained track can cause the large catastrophic derailments that result in mass injuries and casualties. The experienced attorneys at Duffy & Duffy know what to look for in a train accident; whether it was too heavy of freight or simply something on the tracks we will fight to ensure all those liable are held accountable.

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