Motorcycle Accidents

New York has nearly 350,000 motorcycles on its roads, this makes the Empire State the 6th largest for motorcycle registrations in the country. Luckily the majority of bike riders have a passion for riding and taking great care to be a safe rider. That means statistically 2 out of 3 motorcycle accidents are the result of other drivers typically not yielding the right of way. Even with the proper safety equipment the results of an accident can be very severe.

Motorcycle collision victims can suffer major injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:

Some of these injuries unfortunately end up in death and those such as broken bones and lacerations may be considered moderate injuries; however even moderate injuries can still be very costly as victims may not recover for months or longer. In some cases, the victim may never fully recover. If you or someone close has been a victim injured by a motorcycle crash compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering may be recovered.

Injuries due to motorcycle accidents can often be severe and very costly. When the dust settles it is important to know who is at fault and liable for the accident. Often times the individuals at-fault may have insufficient insurance coverage. When this happens you want to make sure you carefully review your insurance policy. Duffy & Duffy’s experienced litigators will analyze your case helping to prove fault and liability, as well as seek the compensation you deserve for the damages sustained in the accident.

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